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Holistic Health for Peak Performance in Business and Life

While floored with chronic fatigue syndrome, Kris Massie had a shift in thinking.

Playing AFL at the time, Massie turned to alternative medicine and meditation to overcome the physical and psychological challenges he was facing.

Those philosophies remain today for Massie, personally and in business.

He founded Chi PT just over a year ago, and is much more than a personal trainer. He is a coach to CEOs, city workers and people of all backgrounds and walks of life, providing holistic advice that includes physical training, nutrition and mindfulness.

With the mantra "move, refuel, love", Massie talks about the challenge of finding balance, and how many attempt to reach peak performance from a base of physical and mental exhaustion.

He has taken an uncommon path compared to most AFL footballers, but Massie says he was always different in a system that could be "boring".

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Hosted by Apiro Consulting's Andrew Montesi and Tract Leadership's James Begley.