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Building a Personal Brand, Relationships and Culture

Andrew Montesi and James Begley talk to Josh Baker from Rooster Radio- the hospitality entrepreneur reenergising Adelaide's West End with his cafes and bars.

Josh shares his story - which started as a high school drop out struggling with dyslexia.

He talks with James and Andrew about building his personal brand, developing relationships with customers and key influencers and creating a culture.

Josh was a key player in the introduction of South Australia's new small bar laws.

Josh owns Coffee Branch, Clever Little Tailor, Larry & Ladd and two more new bars that will be opening soon in Adelaide, South Australia.

The boys also get evacuated by police mid episode!

The hosts:

James Begley is an entrepreneur and leadership expert who has successfully transitioned from the elite sporting stage to the boardrooms of top Australian companies. He is managing director of Tract Group, a corporate leadership training and advisory consultancy. Visit

Andrew Montesi, Managing Director of Apiro Consulting, is an entrepreneur and full-stack marketer whose career has extended across social enterprise, professional services, TV news and sports marketing.