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Leading through tragedy, career anxiety, transitioning from AFL to business - with Dom Cassisi

"I felt on edge my whole career, I never felt secure in that (AFL) environment and job."

They're the words an AFL premiership player and captain. Port Adelaide Power champion Dom Cassisi told Rooster Radio that despite playing 228 games at the highest level, he always felt anxious about keeping his job.

He said it has been a blessing in disguise, as when retirement came he was well prepared for the next phase of his life, starting and leading a new finance broking company, Funding Options.

Dom talks about turning his back on an AFL coaching gig to make the massive career shift from football to finance, and how he is building his business.

With a base of 14 years in elite sport, Dom shares the lessons he's learned, and talks through the unfathomable challenge of leading a team after the tragic death of team mate John McCarthy.

Hosted by Apiro Consulting's Andrew Montesi and Tract Leadership's James Begley.