A Room of One's Own - A Critical Study

It is with immense pleasure this study of Virginia Woolf, one of the most famous of the Victorian writers of prose and novel, is introduced to the readers in general and the Delhi University students in particular. This book offers wider scope for the student community to tap the rich resources of the prose of Virginia Woolf in general with, of course, particular reference to A Room of One's Own. It is hoped that with the publication of this title the students will be able to perform well in the university examinations.

Virginia Woolf has been admired and highly praised for the kind of prose works and novels that she has written. Apart from the first feminist style of writing from her, which echoes itself in some of the novels, it is to be noted that she has produced quite a good number of articles and essays. The present work A Room of One's Own is a famous critical essay by the author. In it she discusses the way the woman writer is looked at and the way she has to adopt in presenting the types of characters, as they are available to him or her during the period in question.

1. Life and Works of Virginia Woolf 1
2. Literary and Social Background 4
3. Virginia Woolf: The Evolution of Her Art and Technique 10
4. Theory of Novel: Stream of Consciousness Technique 15
5. Theory and Technique of Narration 18
6. Virginia Woolf and Her Vision of Life 22
7. Achievements of Virginia Woolf as a Novelist 25
8. Introduction to A Room of One's Own (1929) 28
9. TextA Room of One's Own 33
10. Interpretation of the Text 104
11. The Characters in A Room of One's Own 122
12. Select Textual Problems
13. Possible Questions from the Chapters and Annotations 142
14. A Selected Annotated Bibliography on A Room of One's Own 144
15. Snippets on Virginia Woolf and Her Works 151
16. Give a Critical Analysis of Virginia Woolf as a Feminist Writer 152
17. Select Literary Criticism 154