Richard II (text with Notes)

A literary analysis on Richard II

  1. The Life of William Shakespeare
  2. The Works of Shakespeare
    The Development of His Mind and Art
  3. Shakespeare as a Dramatist
    The Greatness of Shakespeare As a Dramatic Artist
  4. The Elizabethan Theatre and Audience:
    Shakespeare's Stagecraft
  5. The Renaissance Element in the Works of
    The Age of Shakespeare
  6. Shakespeare's Treatment of English History
  7. Richard II: Introduction and Appreciation-
    Chief Features of the Play
  8. Historical Background to the Play-
    Shakepeare's Treatment of it
  9. Outline Story of the Play
  10. Scene-wise Summary of the Play with Critical
  11. Charactres in the Play
    (a) King Richard
    (b) Henry Bolingbroke, Foil
    to King Richard
    (c) The Queen
    (d) John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster
    (e) Edmund of Langley, Duke of York
    (f) The Earl of Northumberland
    (g) The Duke of Aumerle
    (h) The Bishop of Carlisle
    (i) The Favourites of King Richard-
    Bushy, Green and Bagot
  12. Select Textual Problems

    Richard II as a Historical Play : Its Peculiar Features
    The Theme of the Play : Contrasts and Confrontations
    Shakespeare's Political Philosophy

    Richard II, as a Typical Shakespearean Tragedy
    Richard II: "History Shaping itself Towards Tragedy"
    Richard II as a Political Tragedy

    Richard II: Political Situation
    Or Richard II as a Political Satire
    Or Kingship in Richard II: Shakespeare's Attitude
    Or Richard II: The Barons and Their Intrigues
    Or Shakespeare's Attitude Towards the People
    The Monarch, the Barons, and the People : Their Relations

    Richard II as a King: His Inefficiency

    Richard II: A Study in Kingly Weakness
    Or The Evolution of Richard's Character
    Or "We May Hate the King, But We Love the Man

    Ricliard II as as Immature Hamlet
    Or Richard II as the First Sketch of Hamlet
    Or Hamlet and Richard II : Close Resemblance
    Between the Two

    Richard II as Early Lear

    Richard as a Poet-King
    Or "Richard is a Dilettante in Poetry as Well as in Kingship"

    Richard II: A Great Lyrical Drama
    Or Richard II: A Musical Composition, a Symphony
    Or Poetry in the Play: Its Imagery

    Patriotism in the Play
    Or England as the Real Hero of the Play

    The Garden-scene : Its Significance
    Or The Garden-scene as a Political Allegory
    Or The Role of the Gardener in the Play

    The Deposition Scene : Its Significance
    Or The Mirror-episode : The Element of Theatricality-Critical Appreciation

    Richard II: Its Structure
    Or The Plot of the Play : Its Unity and Singleness
    Or "The Action of the Play is Developed through a Series of Contrasts and Confrontations"
    Or The Conflict in the Play
    Or The Structure of the Play : Its Symmetry

    Richard and Bolingbroke : A Comparative Study
    Or Bolingbroke as a Foil to Richard Select Literary Criticism
  13. The Tragedy of King Richard II (Text with Complete Paraphrase)
  14. Critical and Explanatory Comments