That's how things work: magical mysteries of nature

Part of the 'How do Things Work' series, this title focuses on nature. From the award winning publishing house Teri.

It is in the hands of the children to try to change their own lives towards greater protection of the environment and all our natural resources. They can also take active part in changing the thinking of adults. Children can take a lead in organizing actions at the community level, which support conservation of resources, recycling of waste water, and greater use of renewable sources of energy. This series of children's books is aimed of providing children knowledge on what needs to be done in all these areas. I hope those who read these books will not only enjoy them greatly but also feel inspired to implement actions that are described in these pages, so that we create a beautiful, peaceful, and healthy future for the human race.

  1. How do plants make food?
  2. How do plants store food?
  3. How do plants breathe?
  4. How do plants drink water?
  5. How do plants protect themselves?
  6. How do plants disperse their seeds?
  7. How do plants reproduce?
  8. How do fish breathe in water?
  9. How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?
  10. How do living creatures depend on each other?
  11. How do animals protect themselves from enemies?
  12. How do animals live in very hot and cold places?
  13. How do animals sleep the winter away?
  14. How do birds fly distances?
  15. How are baby animals born?
  16. How does day turn into night?
  17. How do the seasons change?
  18. How is lightning formed?
  19. How does water go around in a cycle?
  20. Fun with clues