The Family Reunion

Eliot's The Family Reunion is one of the classics of English drama; it is one of the greatest poetic plays written in the 20th century. It marks an epoch not only in the evolution of Eliot's dramatist genius, but also in the history of drama in England. It was in this play that the dramatist solved the many complex and intricate problems of poetic drama, and demonstrated that successful verse play is possible in the modern age. That is why more and more universities are now including it in their syllabi. The present work is an exhaustive, critical interpretation of Eliot's masterpiece.

1. The Age of T.S. Eliot Or The Background to the Study of Eliot
2. Life and Career of T.S. Eliot
3. The Works of T.S. Eliot
4. T.S. Eliot: Select Critical Concepts
5. Eliot's Theory and Practice of Poetic Drama
6. Eliot's Views on Poetic Drama: A Critical Review
7. Eliot and the Revival of Poetic Drama Or Eliot's Contribution to the Revival of Poetic Drama
8. A General Estimate of Eliot as a Dramatist
9. The Family Reunion: Introduction and Appreciation
10. Detailed Summary of the Play with Critical Comments
11. Characters in Play
12. The Family Reunion: Paraphrase
13. Select Textual Problems