The Hero As Poet

Carlyle's Heroes, Hero-worship and the Heroic in History is an epoch-making work which has enjoyed universal popularity. Of these six lectures, Lectures HI, The Hero As Poet, is the most popular and fascinating. It is largely free from the usual faults of Carlyle, and is marked with simplicity and clarity. Hence it is now prescribed for study in a number of universities at the graduate and the Post­graduate levels.

1. The Age of Carlyle Or The Social and Literary Background to Carlyle

2. Life and Career of Thomas Carlyle

3. Thomas Carlyle: Select Works

4. "Sartor Resartus" and the Teachings of Carlyle Or Carlyle's Idealism : View of Religion and History

6. Carlyle As a Literary Critic

5. Carlyle, The Essayist

7. A General Estimate of Carlyle, the Man and the Writer Or Clarlyle's View of Democracy and History Or Carlyle, the Prophet: His Message Carlyle's Position and influence

8. "Heroes and Hero-Worship" : Introduction and Appreciation Or "Heroes and Hero-worship" : Causes of its Popularity

9. The Hero As Poet: Critical Summary

10. Select Textual Problems (1) Carlyle's Concept of Heroes and Hero-Worship Or "The History of the world is the biography of Great Men"

Or The need of Heroes and the need of Hero-worship

Or The Hero as a great man divinely inspired

(2) Essential Qualities of a Hero: Critical Analysis

Or Concept of the Hero with reference to the "Poet as Hero"

Or Qualities of head and heart of "a heroic person"

(3) The Heroic Qualities of a Poet

Or "Both poets and prophets are equally heroic" Link between poets and prophets: Similarities and Contrasts

(4) Dante and Shakespeare as Heroes: Comparison and Contrasts

Or Heroic Qualities of Dante and Shakespeare

(5) Dante as a Model Poet-hero

Or Dante's poetic genius and character: Critical estimate

(6) "The Divine Comedy" : Its Sailent Features

Or Carlyle's views on "Divine Comedy" : Critical Assessment

Or "The Divine Comdy" as musical thought, a chant, a song

(7) Carlyle's estimate of the Character and Poetic-genius of Shakespeare

Or Heroic Qualities of Shakespeare

Or Shakespeare as a Model Poet-hero

(8) Carlyle's prose-style: Its merits and demerits

Or Sailent features of Carlyle's prose-style

Or "Carlyle's prose-style is odd and eccentric"

Or Greatness and originality of Carlyle as a writer of prose


2. Critical and Explanatory Comments

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