50 FAQ's on Waste Management

Where does the garbage from our homes land up? What is e-waste? Why is plastic dangerous? How is waste generation linked to global warming? What is zero waste philosophy? How much waste is produced in India every year? What can you do to bring down waste generation? Know the answers to these, and 43 more frequently asked questions, on waste and its management, its various aspects, and impacts.

  1. Types of waste
  2. Waste segregation
  3. Waste management in ancient times
  4. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste
  5. Sustainable waste management
  6. Aerobic and anaerobic digestion
  7. Garbage from homes
  8. Landfills
  9. Impact of landfills
  10. Sanitary landfills
  11. Municipal solid waste
  12. Health impacts of MSW
  13. Annual MSW generation in India
  14. Ways to manage MSW
  15. Tackling the problem of plastic
  16. Laws dealing with hazardous and biomedical waste
  17. Dangers associated with plastic
  18. Tackling the problem of plastic
  19. Biomedical waste
  20. Hazardous waste and its impacts
  21. Disposing of hazardous waste
  22. Indian laws on hazardous and biomedical waste
  23. International agreements on hazardous waste
  24. Basel Convention
  25. Industrial waste
  26. Impacts of industrial waste
  27. E-waste
  28. Annual e-waste generation in India
  29. Toxic elements in electronics
  30. Handling and disposing of e-waste
  31. E-waste related initiatives in India
  32. Indian laws on e-waste
  33. Composting and its benefits
  34. Vermicomposting
  35. Sewage and its components
  36. Ways of treating sewage
  37. Paris' underground sewage system
  38. Role of scrap collectors in waste management
  39. WTE
  40. WTE facilities in India
  41. Gobar gas and its uses
  42. Syngas and its uses
  43. Problems associated with improper waste management
  44. Waste hierarchy
  45. Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  46. E-waste generation and global warming
  47. Ecodesign approach
  48. Paperless office
  49. Zero waste philosophy
  50. Bringing down waste generation