A Colour Atlas of Aeroallergens

Blackley (1873) was first to observe pollen and spores from the air of Manchester (England) and in India Cunningham reported air borne bio-particles in the air at Kolkota.After this lot of work have been done to establish these components of air as allergens in India and abroad.Air borne allergens are taken in by inhalation and cause allergy disorders. Allergy is hypersensitive reaction by the body to foreign substances. The allergic response occurs when natural immune system is failed to react with environmental agents.The number of people suffering from allergy reaches 15-30% of population of the world. Aeroallergens are mostly originating from natural environment and it includes pollen, fungal spores, house dust mites, food products, insect venom, bacteria etc.Natural aeroallergens are usually proteins with molecular weight higher than 10 KDa. Although, pollen and fungal spores have been widely studied as aeroallergens throughout the India but their description as a colour atlas was not available.

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