A Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks

In the recent years, the wireless sensor networks is a fast emerging and growing study areas that have attracted considerable research attention globally. There has been tremendous development in design and development of application related interfaces with sensor networks. Sensor network find applications in several domains such as medical, industrial, military, home networks, space and so on. Wireless sensor networks have moved from the research domain to the real world implementation with wider range of applications.

Chapter 1 Introduction to WSN
Chapter 2 Basics on Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 3 Layers in Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 4 Mac Protocol in WSN
Chapter 5 Routing Protocol in WSN
Chapter 6 Data Aggregation in WSN
Chapter 7 Power Management in WSN
Chapter 8 Localization in WSN
Chapter 9 WSN Standards
Chapter 10 Test-Bed in WSN
Chapter 11 Security in WSN
Chapter 12 Energy Harvesting in WSN
Chapter 13 Applications in WSN