A Handbook of Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

‎This book is written for undergraduate and postgraduate students who have a basic knowledge in biological sciences and are interested in a future career in research and industry. The book provides an understanding of up-to-date information on the concerned topics in a simple, lucid and concise manner. It has been extensively updated and covers a large number of basic techniques and experiments in biochemistry and molecular biology which help the student's understanding of theory and practice. Each chapter includes an introduction to the techniques used and the basic biochemistry so as to link the text with the main course. The book can also be used as a complement to a standard theoretical text.

Chapter 1. Safety in Laboratory
Chapter 2. pH and Buffer Solutions
Chapter 3. Physical and Chemical Techniques
Chapter 4. Chromatography
Chapter 5. Molecular Biology
Chapter 6. Blotting Techniques
Chapter 7. Molecular Cloning/Recombinant DNA Technology/Gene Manipulation Techniques
Chapter 8. Sequencing
Chapter 9. Immunochemical Techniques
Chapter 10. Spectrophotometry
Chapter 11. Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Chapter 12. Photosynthesis and Respiration
Chapter 13. Enzymes
Chapter 14. Lipids
Chapter 15. Carbohydrates
Chapter 16. Cell Membranes