A book of Biotechnology A book of Biotechnology

A book of Biotechnology

The aim of this book is to present the subject of Biotechnology to the Graduate and Post graduate students. The authors have been extra cautious in presenting the matter in easy and lucid language. The diagrams are especially designed for clarity and simplicity. Thus, in this book many topics which are not easily available have been incorporated for the convenience of the students. So, the non-availability of literature, we started a sincere effort to search, collate, and edit the various topics. This was a challenging job. The completion of the book has not at all easy task. It has been completed with the co-operation of so many hands. Suggestions for the development of this book shall be gratefully acknowledged.

1. Microscopy
2. Chemistry for Biologists
3. The Scientific Method, Living Organisms and the Groups of Microscopic Organisms
4. Pure Culture Methods for the Study of Microorganisms
5. Mushroom Culture
6. Mycorrhizae
7. Chromosomes and Disease
8. Enzymes
9. Proteins and Nucleic Acids
10. Carbohydrates
11. Staining
12. Chromatography
13. Tracer Technique-The Use of Isotopes as Tracers
14. Spectrophotometry