Administrative and Business Communication Administrative and Business Communication

Administrative and Business Communication

The information age has arrived. We are living in the midst of a communication revolution has already had dramatic effects on how ideas are transmitted. Business Communication skills are critical to the success of any organization regardless of its magnitude, operation and geographic location. A rapidly changing global environment forces us to think about the communication issue related to technology based communication. Business communication is entangled with intercultural and external image of the organization. Managers have three basic jobs-to collect and convey information, to make a decision and to promote interpersonal unity. In short, managers are expected to work together to achieve organizational goals - This happens through effective communication. Effective managers are able to use a variety of mediums and strategies to communicate.

This book "Administrative and Business Communication" follows a unique interpretation of administrative and business communication. The book is a blend of interpersonal and organizational theory with practical recommendations on what to do in specific situations.

Chapter 1. Communication and Overview
Chapter 2. The Communication Process
Chapter 3. Communication Principles
Chapter 4. Types of Communication in Organization
Chapter 5. Public Relations
Chapter 6. Impact of Technological Advancement on Business Communication
Chapter 7. Media of Communication
Chapter 8. Speech
Chapter 9. Telephoning Versus Face-to-Face Communication
Chapter 10. Active Listening
Chapter 11. Interview
Chapter 12. Meeting
Chapter 13. Business Letters
Chapter 14. Business Reports