Advanced Technical Communication Advanced Technical Communication

Advanced Technical Communication

This textbook provides a comprehensive look at Technical Communication in a business environment. Key communication concepts are discussed for university students or candidates interested in learning more about, or enhancing their communication skills.

In order to transfer an idea or some news, man needs some common medium of expression. Physical gestures or certain noises like crying in anger, weeping or laughing may help a person to communicate some of his feelings but in order to express his fine feelings and noble ideas, man needs some linguistic means of communication . Man invented languages which helps him to communicate and converse with different sorts of people. Today it has become an important tool of socialization as well as of trade and commerce.

Technical communication is related to science, electronics, or other technical areas. It provides the information based on data and is supposed to be accurate.

Chapter-1: Basics of Technical Communication

Chapter-2: General and Technical Communication

Chapter-3: Style in Technical Communication

Chapter-4: Preparing a Technical Document

Chapter-5: Technical Writing

Chapter-6: Basics of Business Communication

Chapter-7: Business Correspondence

Chapter-8: Business Letter Writing

Chapter-9: Some More Types of Business Correspondence

Chapter-10: Writing Resume and Letter of Job Application

Chapter-11: Technical Proposals

Chapter-12: Technical Reports

Chapter-13: A Value Based Study of George Orwell's Animal Farm

Chapter-14: Kinesics, Paralanguage, Proxemics

Chapter-15: Presentation Skills

Chapter-16: Interpersonal Communication Skills

Chapter-17: Corporate Communication Skills

Chapter-18: Group Discussion Skills

Chapter-19: Facing Interviews