Advances in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a new subject which is developing very fast by manipulating the existing organism like plants and animals including microbes to meet the increasing demands of food, clothing, shelter and health. New genetically modified organisms called GMO are engineered and new bioproducts are launched following innovative approaches and methods using scientific modern tools and biotechniques by joint efforts of biotechnologists and industrialists at global level.

Genes to proteins and genomics to proteomics are highest ranking subjects everyone reads today. DNA, RNA and proteins have their seats in a new subject biomolecules. The knowledge in this subject circulated fast after the first mapping of one or two genomes of chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA. Separation of these molecules using southern, northern and western blotting techniques accelerated the advancement in the subject such as genomics and proteomics. About 35000 genes and few thousands of protein structures have been identified and understood today.

We are happy to release this edited book on 'Advances in Biotechnology' which includes 19 chapters on bioremediation, DNA bending, plant tissue culture, chromosomes diagnostic, biotransformation, biodiesel, nanotechnology, defense mechanism in plants, stem cells, alkaloids, polymerase chain reaction,bioinformatics sequential analysis online monitoring of fermentation enzymes and applications of biotechnology.

The book is useful for teachers, researchers and students of biotechnology both at undergraduate and post graduate level.

  • Use of Biotechnology to Abate Pollution Using Phytoremediation
  • Application of Plant Tissue Culture for the Production of Useful Secondary Metabolites
  • Biotechnological Implications for Chromosome Diagnostic
  • Role of DNA Bending in Transcription
  • Biotransformation as an Innovative Approach in Industry
  • Future Prospects and Problems of Stem Cells
  • Conversion of Feedstock to Produce Biodiesel from Various Sources
  • Plant Defense Mechanism and Elicitors
  • Future Scope of Nanobiotechnology in Medical Community
  • Molecular Markers: Concepts, Types and Applications
  • Strategies for Production of Alkaloids From in vitro Culture
  • Applications of Polymeric Chain Reaction
  • Designing of Basic PCR for Modification
  • Gene Targeting: Creating Knockouts
  • Industrial Uses of Enzymes and Biosensors
  • Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics: An Introduction
  • Online Monitoring of Fermentation Process Using Biosensors
  • Biotechnology : Its Medical Applications
  • Role of Enzymes as Specific Catalytic Agents