Advertising Management : Theory and Practice Advertising Management : Theory and Practice

Advertising Management : Theory and Practice

The world is full of expressions—natural and man-made. Nature is creative and man tries to follow her and thus originates civilisation with its inventions, art, craft, and knowledge, which are communicated from generation to generation and within the existing community. This art or science of communication has also its inventiveness and creativity, particularly in the field of advertising. Advertising comes to people mostly uninvited, touching their subconscious. It soothes the burden of life and often takes them to a joyous dreamland. Although a business proposition, it mystifies, astounds, delights, tickles and amazes the purely logical in a bid to motivate people in a desired way.

Advertising has witnessed a rapid growth during the past few decades. Behind the glamour and glitter of the advertising world, there is planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling of a number of tasks—creative as well as non-creative which contribute to the attainment of the marketing objectives of the sponsoring organisations. Advertising is an art as well as a science and therefore its study has to be based on two approaches; a graphical and structural approach and a managerial approach, which are blended together to generate a result oriented advertisement copy or advertisement campaign.

The present research study is an attempt to examine media impact on consumer behaviour, and also to study and assess how advertising communicates lifestyles to the ultimate consumers. It is advertising that communicates lifestyles through projection of different celebrities and top-class models. The research study is an attempt to assess the role of media in moulding consumers' behaviour.

1. Introduction
2. Advertising : A Conceptual Framework
3. Socio-Economic Implications of Advertising
4. Advertising : Truth, Ethics and Social Responsibility
5. Advertising and Consumer Behaviour Research
6. Advertising and Lifestyle Communication
7. Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour
8. Lifestyle Communication Through Print and Electronic Advertisements
9. Advertising in the Age of Economic Liberalization
10. Conclusion, Major Findings and Recommendations
Case Studies