Agriculture for food security and rural growth

Since the beginning of civilization human race has been a

keen observant and ha ve improved agricultural crops to suit

their needs. Since time immemorial farmers are altering the

genetic make up of cultivated species through selection and

breeding. All these adv ancements have resulted in super ior

crop varieties and thus are v ery different from their wild

ancestors. With the scientific adv ancements in the field of

tissue culture, it became possible to make crosses among

wildly related species/genera through application of

techniques such as in vitro pollination (to overcome pre-

fertilization bar rier), embryo culture (to o vercome post-

fertilization bar rier); generate pure lines through anther

culture (for production of haploids); and generate sterile

seedless plants through endosperm culture (for production

of triploids) and clone elites through micropropagation (for

mass cloning).

  • Green Revolution to gene revolution: biotechnology applications in crop improvement
  • Classical and modern gene technologies for an evolving agriculture
  • Prospects of gene revolution in India for sustainable agricultural development
  • Agriculture and food security in the context of globalization
  • Bio-diesel from jatropha: from vision to reality
  • Technologies for sustainable crop protection
  • The imperative of crop protection for farmers
  • Economic empowerment of rural India: the case of National Agricultural Innovation Project
  • Technology acquisition: a right model to develop products faster
  • Technology acquisition: the Philippines experience
  • Application of modern biotechnology for improving livelihoods in the semi-arid tropics: ICRISAT's initiatives
  • Public private partnerships in agricultural biotechnology
  • Insect resistant cabbage and cauliflower: the CIMBAA public private partnership
  • Biopharming of therapeutic recombinant antibodies: the safest drugs of future
  • Genetic transformation of plants by gene targeting
  • GM crops in India
  • Safety assessment of GM food crops
  • Agribiotechnology in India: biosafety issues, experiences, and expectations
  • Biotechnology and biosafety initiatives in sub-SaharanAfrica
  • Four years of a commercial transgenic crop in India: future prospects of biotech agriculture
  • Managing the IP landscape in agricultural biotechnology