Algorithms and Data Structures Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and Data Structures

This is a textbook for first year Computer Science. Algorithms and Data Structures With Applications to Graphics and Geometry.

Table of Contents
Part I: Programming environments for motion, graphics, and geometry
1. Reducing a task to given primitives: programming motion
2. Graphics primitives and environments
3. Algorithm animation
Part II: Programming concepts: beyond notation
4. Algorithms and programs as literature: substance and form
5. Divide-and-conquer and recursion
7. Syntax analysis
Part III: Objects, algorithms, programs
8. Truth values, the data type 'set', and bit acrobatics
9. Ordered sets
10. Strings
11. Matrices and graphs: transitive closure
14.Straight lines and circles
Part IV: Complexity of problems and algorithms
15. Computability and complexity
16. The mathematics of algorithm analysis
17. Sorting and its complexity
18. What is a data structure?
19. Abstract data types
20. Implicit data structures
21. List structures
22. Address computation
23. Metric data structures
Part VI: Interaction between algorithms and data structures: case studies in geometric computation
24. Sample problems and algorithms
25. Plane-sweep: a general-purpose algorithm for two-dimensional problems illustrated using
line segment intersection
26. The closest pair