The book is the outcome of the practical and teaching experience of the authors on the subject. Our intention is to cover all topics in the book with a number of solved numerical problems and solutions of the questions from previous question papers of different universities. We have tried to cover each and every topic in an easy-to-understand manner so that each student can grasp the matter without and difficulty.

Chapter 1. Introduction About Power Sector
Chapter 2. Load Management
Chapter 3. Inductance and Resistance of Transmission Lines
Chapter 4. Transmission Lines
Chapter 5. Representation of Poer System Components
Chapter 6. Neutral Grounding
Chapter 7. Corona
Chapter 8. Overhead Line Insulators
Chapter 9. Performance of Transmission Lines
Chapter 10. Mechanical Design of Transmission Lines
Chapter 11. Underground Cables
Chapter 12. High Voltage DC Transmission
Chapter 13. Substations
Chapter 14. Voltage Control
Chapter 15. Distribution System