Biotechnology is a new discipline. It is constantly evolving as more information is added to the knowledge and it has become an important and integral part of life science courses now-a-days. Biotechnology is an area of multi-disciplinary science subject involving a variety of distinct subject, where various living organism s and parts of organisms are used for the welfare of human beings.

1. General Instruction and General Laboratory Methods

2. Tools of Techniques in Biological Studies

3. Biochemistry

4. Enzymology

5. Electrophoresis

6. Microbiology

7. Cell Biology and Genetics

8. Molecular Biology

9. Tissue Culture Techniques


Units and Measures

Appendix A Chemicals or Reagents required for

Molecular Biology Experiments

Appendix B Reagents required for Tissue Culture Experiments

Appendix C Chemical required for Microbiology Experiment