Applied Physics Applied Physics

Applied Physics

Applied physics is the application of the science of physics to helping human beings and solving their problems. It differs from engineering because engineers solve well-defined problems. Applied physicists use physics or conduct physics research to develop new technologies or solve engineering problems.

Chapter 1: Units and Dimensions

Chapter 2: Errors and Measurements

Chapter 3: Circular Motion

Chapter 4: Dynamics of Rigid Body (Rotational Motion)

Chapter 5: Fluid Mechanics and Friction

Chapter 6: Simple Harmonic Motion

Chapter 7: Heat and the Thermodynamics

Chapter 8: Acoustics

Chapter 9: Wave Optics

Chapter 10: Introduction of Fibre Optics

Chapter 11: Electrostatics

Chapter 12: D.C. Circuit

Chapter 13: Magnetic Materials and Their Properties

Chapter 15: Lasers and its Applications

Chapter 16: Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Chapter 17: Introduction to Digital Electronics