Applied Physics

Applied physics is the application of the science of physics to helping human beings and solving their problems. It differs from engineering because engineers solve well-defined problems. Applied physicists use physics or conduct physics research to develop new technologies or solve engineering problems.

Chapter 1: Units and Dimensions

Chapter 2: Errors and Measurements

Chapter 3: Circular Motion

Chapter 4: Dynamics of Rigid Body (Rotational Motion)

Chapter 5: Fluid Mechanics and Friction

Chapter 6: Simple Harmonic Motion

Chapter 7: Heat and the Thermodynamics

Chapter 8: Acoustics

Chapter 9: Wave Optics

Chapter 10: Introduction of Fibre Optics

Chapter 11: Electrostatics

Chapter 12: D.C. Circuit

Chapter 13: Magnetic Materials and Their Properties

Chapter 15: Lasers and its Applications

Chapter 16: Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Chapter 17: Introduction to Digital Electronics