The book is divided into two parts : Part-I "Electrical Engineering and Part-II "Electronics Engineering. Part-I consists of Unit-I, Unit-II and Unit-III containing seven chapters namely D.C. circuits, Single-phase A.C. circuits, Three-phase A.C. circuits, Measuring instruments, D.C. machines, Transformers, Single-phase Induction motors, and Synchronous machines ; Part-II consists of Unit-IV and Unit-V containing three Electronicchapters namely components, devices and power converters, Digital electronics, Communication systems.

1. D.C. Circuits
2. Single-Phase A.C. Circuits
3. Three-Phase A.C. Circuits
4. Measuring Instruments
5. Direct Current (D.C.) Machines
6. Single-Phase Transformer
7. Single-Phase Induction Motors
8. Semiconductor Devices and Applications
9. Digital Electronics
10. Telecommunication System