Basic Mechanical Engineering

The book Basic Mechanical Engineering is an outcome of the years of experience that the author has in teaching core subjects and the subject basic mechanical engineering. It has been observed that a lot of books cover the portions in such a very difficult and an unwanted in depth manner that the studetns will not be able to follow. As a result of this the budding engineers will be rendered reluctant of the subject. This book here covers the content in such a easy and understandable tried and tested pattern that the students will be able to follow even the difficult portion and have a clear understanding. More over some difficult to understand portions are equpped with diagrams that show various stages of the equipment under working making the book much more reader friendly. The book houses some most modern technologies that are part of the updated curriculum.


1. Thermodynamics
2. Basic Law of Heat Transfer
3. Internal Combution Engines
4. Refrigeration
5. Air Conditioning System
6. Mechanical Power Transmission
7. Energy Sources
8. Hydraulic Turbine
9. Steam Turbines
10. Pumps
11. Machining, Related Equipments and Operations
12. Coputer Integrated Manufacturing and Design
13. Manufacturing Processes