B.C.A. Mathematics Vol 1 B.C.A. Mathematics Vol 1

B.C.A. Mathematics Vol 1

This book was developed of BCA students. This book covers key concepts and includes illustrative examples throughout and has been structured in a logical sequential order. The worked examples provided help students become more familiar with the techniques required to problem solve.

Chapter 1. Determinants

Chapter 2. Algebra of Matrices and Type of Matrices

Chapter 3. Rank of Matrix

Chapter 4. Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors and Cayley-Hamilton Theorem

Chapter 5. Limits and Continuity

Chapter 6. Differentiation

Chapter 7. Rolles and Mean Value Theorems

Chapter 8. Expansion of Functions

Chapter 9. Indeterminant Forms

Chapter 10. Maxima and Minima

Chapter 11. Curve Tracing

Chapter 12. Successive Differentiation and Leibnitz Theorem

Chapter 13. Indefinite Integral

Chapter 14. Definite Integral

Chapter 15. Reduction Formulae

Chapter 16. Gamma and Beta Functions

Chapter 17. Vector Algebra