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BioGas Technology

Biogas production technology is a time-tested viable energy conserving technology. With the advent of the first successful cow dung based biogas plant in India in 1941, the technology has evolved tremendously. It is still an emerging and engaging area of study. Biogas is a versatile energy system that can cater to the needs of the rural populace and at the same time has various environmental advantages. Worldwide, various biogas plant propagation programmes have been launched in over 50 countries, with those in China and India being of the largest scale. In India, overall, this programme has been successful, even though it has not been a runaway success as was contemplated earlier.

Biogas Technology: Towards Sustainable Development attempts to cover almost all aspects of biomethanation, such as biogas as a renewable energy and its scope and potential, evolution of biogas technology, process and parameters influencing biogas production, popular biogas models, biogas plant as a source of clean fuel, availability of organic nutrients in biogas spent sludge, carbon credit, and environmental implications of biomethanation.

The book is meant for all those interested in biogas system as a device or an instrument for sustainable rural development, as well for those dealing with large organic waste/biomass, instrumental in enhancing the quality of rural life and planning and conserving resources. It will be of immense interest and use to students, teachers, researchers, and trainers engaged in the field of non-conventional sources of energy, resource and rural sanitation, and health management.

During the course of writing this book, a number of sources have been referred to, which do not find mention in the book due to its limited scope. Nevertheless, the authors gratefully acknowledge all these sources.

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