Biomedical Signal Processing Biomedical Signal Processing

Biomedical Signal Processing

Processing of biomedical signal, until a few years ago, was mainly directed toward filtering for removal of noise and power-line interference; spectral analysis to understand the frequency characteristics of signals; and modeling for feature representation and parameterization. Recent trends have been toward quantitative or objective analysis of physiological systems and phenomena via signal analysis. The field of biomedical signal analysis has advanced to the stage of practical application of signal processing and pattern analysis techniques for efficient and improved invasive diagnosis, on-line monitoring of critically ill patients and rehabilitation and sensory aids for the handicapped. Techniques developed by engineers are gaining wider acceptance by practicing clinicians and the role of engineering in diagnosis and treatment is gaining much-deserved respect.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Biomedical Signals
Chapter 2 Basics of Electrocardiography
Chapter 3 Application of Computer in Biomedical Engineering
Chapter 4 ECG QRS Detection
Chapter 5 ST Segment Analyzer
Chapter 6 Data Reduction Techniques
Chapter 7 EEG
Chapter 8 EEG Analysis
Chapter 9 EP Estimation