Business Communication Business Communication

Business Communication

People from the business world are well aware that communication is a major and essential part of the work of business. Communication is so important in business that by improving communication ability, people can improve their chances for success.

This book explores the following units in detail:

  • Introducing Business Communication
  • Practices in Business Communication
  • Writing Skills
  • Report Writing and Oral Presentation
  • Effective Listening
  1. Basics of Business Communication
  2. Theories of Communication
  3. Self–Development and Communication
  4. Corporate Communication
  5. Miscommunication
  6. Improving Communication
  7. Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Seminars and Effective Listening Exercises
  8. Individual and Group Presentations and Report Writing
  9. Modern Forms of Communication
  10. Principles of Effective Business Communication
  11. Nonverbal Aspects of Communication
  12. Written Business Communication
  13. Business Correspondence
  14. Business Reports and Proposals
  15. Oral Presentation
  16. Listening Skills
  17. Interviews
  18. Writing Resume and Letter of Application