Business Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals provides an overview of the basic concepts that are important to every business and entrepreneur. Examples of some of the key areas explored are: business eco-system, marketing, operations management, financial and managerial accounting and information technology.

1. The business eco-system: Your path to finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

2. The mind of the entrepreneur: Your entrepreneurial journey begins by embarking on your own hero's journey!

3. Business models and marketing: an overview

4. How to organize and lead an entrepreneurial venture

5. Selecting and managing your team

6. Marketing on a global scale

7. Operations Management

8. Securing and managing external relationships

9. Financial and managerial accounting; Enhancing your organization

10. Leveraging with information technology

11. Competitive intelligence

12. Business ethics in a nutshell

13. Adding products and services

14. International business for the entrepreneur

15. Growth strategies for start-ups