Business Statistics Business Statistics

Business Statistics

This text provides a detailed introduction to Business Statistic concepts and theories, for accounting, business and MBA students. This book has been broken down into 5 units with questions and answers at the end of each unit to help strengthen the readers understanding of the subject matter covered.
Chapter-1 Statistics Concept, Significance and Limitation of Data

Chapter-2 Classification and Tabulation of Data
Chapter-3 Frequency Distribution and Graphical Representation
Chapter-4 Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter-5 Measures of Variation
Chapter-6 Measures of Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis
Chapter-7 Correlation and Regression Analysis
Chapter-8 Probability
Chapter-9 Probability Distribution (Normal, Poisson and Binomial)
Chapter-10 Sampling Theory
Chapter-11 Theory of Testing of Hypothesis: Two Types of Error
Chapter-12 Tests of Significance and Large Samples Test