Calculus-Based Physics II Calculus-Based Physics II

Calculus-Based Physics II

An introductory physics textbook that has been designed for used in introductory Physics courses taken by Science or Engineering students

    Charge & Coulomb's Law

    The Electric Field: Description and Effect
    The Electric Field Due to one or more Point Charges
    Conductors and the Electric Field
    Work Done by the Electric Field, and, the Electric Potential
    The Electric Potential Due to One or More Point Charges
    Equipotential Surfaces, Conductors, and Voltage
    Capacitors, Dielectrics, and Energy in Capacitors
    Electric Current, EMF, Ohm's Law
    Resistors in Series and Parallel; Measuring I & V
    Resistivity, Power
    Kirchhoff's Rules, Terminal Voltage
    RC Circuits
    Capacitors in Series & Parallel
    Magnetic Field Intro: Effects
    Magnetic Field: More Effects
    Magnetic Field: Causes
    Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law
    Induction, Transformers, and Generators
    Faraday's Law and Maxwell's Extension to Ampere's Law
    The Nature of Electromagnetic Waves
    Huygens's Principle and 2-Slit Interference
    Single-Slit Diffraction
    Thin Film Interference
    Geometric Optics, Reflection
    Refraction, Dispersion, Internal Reflection
    Thin Lenses: Ray Tracing
    Thin Lenses: Lens Equation, Optical Power
    The Electric Field Due to a Continuous Distribution of Charge on a Line
    The Electric Potential due to a Continuous Charge Distribution
    Calculating the Electric Field from the Electric Potential
    Gauss' Law
    Gauss's Law Example
    Gauss's Law for the Magnetic Field, and, Ampere's Law Revisited
    The Biot-Savart Law
    Maxwell's Equations