Capabilities and Governance of Nanotechnology

The big revolution of the small is being shaped at our doorstep. The technology that seeks to harness the unique properties of nano materials that are about one-billionth of a metre is moving from the realm of science fiction to reality in developing county contexts. Nano-technology, an interdisciplinary technology that deals with the controlled manipulation of matter at the nano-scale to develop products, devices, systems and applications with the novel or improved functionalities is now well entrenched in the science and technology S&T) policies of India and other developing nations.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Emerging Innovation Systems of Nanotechnology

Chapter 3 Nanotechnology Developments and Applications in Energy and Environment Sectors

Chapter 4 Environment, Health, and Safety Implications of Nanotechnology: Concerns for India

Chapter 5 Prospective Socio-economic Implications of Nanotechnology for Commodity-dependent Countries:

Chapter 6 Socio-ethical Risks in Nanotechnology

Chapter 7 Regulating the Risks of Nanotechnology: Issues for India

Chapter 8 Capabilities and Nanotechnology Development: Developing Country Perspectives

Chapter 9 Nanotechnology in India