Chemical Project Economics Chemical Project Economics

Chemical Project Economics

This book is an introduction to a very dynamic subject of Chemical Project Economics. It is aimed at students of Chemical Engineering as well as practicing Engineers. It would also be useful to management students for a better appreciation of the economics of not only chemical projects but also that of any project. The book covers the finer aspects of process selection and site selection along with the project economics. It provides an overview of product pricing and presents an annual report of a chemical project for a better comprehension of the project economics.

This book would help Engineers working in industry to understand intricacies of preparing a detailed techno-economic feasibility report as part of pre-project implementation activities. This book has been designed bearing in mind Indian conditions though the basic concepts are universal in nature. The basic concepts outlined here are applicable to any projects and in that sense it will be useful to project managers and engineers from all the disciplines, dealing with non-chemical projects also.

2.Process Selection
3.Project Site
5.Project Cost
6.Plant and Machinery
7.Cost of Production
8.Project Financing
11.Project Profitability
12.Project Evaluation
13.Product Pricing
14.Feasibility Report
15.Annual Report