Communication for Management Communication for Management

Communication for Management

This book is ideal for students, manager or other candidates interested in the study of communication for management as it provides an in-depth look at the following topics:

  • Communication: Purposes and Process
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Written Business Communication
  • Business and Professional Presentations

Chapter–1 Basics of Communication

Chapter–2 Seven C's of Communication

Chapter–3 Barriers to Communication

Chapter–4 Gateways to Communication

Chapter–5 Employment Communication

Chapter–6 Impact of Technological Advancement on Business Communication

Chapter–7 Oral Communication

Chapter–8 Importance of Listening Skills

Chapter–9 Nonverbal Communication

Chapter–10 Written Communication

Chapter – 11 Business Letters

Chapter–12 Memos Writing

Chapter–13 Writing Reports

Chapter–14 Case Study: A Method of Learning

Chapter–15 Presentation Strategy

Chapter–16 Group Communication

Chapter –17 Media Management