Computer Architecture Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture

Computer architecture concepts have been presented in an easy and lucid language. Important solved examples have been added for better examination preparations.

Chapter 1, Digital Fundamentals covers the basic concepts which helps students to study Computer Architecture. Chapter 2, Register Transfer Language describes the basic hardware language. Chapter 3, CPU Organization deals with the basics of CPU. Chapter 4, Parallel Processing deals with the concept of Pipelining. Chapter 5, Computer Arithmetic describes hardware algorithms for basic operations. Chapter 6, Microprogrammed Control Unit deals with types of control units. Chapter 7, Memory Organisation deals with memory concepts and Chapter 8, Input-output Organisation focuses on Input Output Processor, DMA and IOP.

1. Digital Fundamentals
2. Register Transfer Language
3. CPU Organisation
4. Pipelining and Parallel Processing
5. Computer Arithmetic
6. Microprogrammed Control Unit
7. Memory Organisation
8. Input-Output Organisation