Computer Oriented Statistical Methods

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods for B.B.A. has been written to fulfil the needs for B.B.A. students. It is needless to say that the textbook detailed chapters such as Theoretical Frequency Distribution, Sampling Theory gives better outline to mathematical knowledge.

Chapter 1 : Measures of Central Tendency

Chapter 2 : Graphical Representation of Data

Chapter 3 : Measures of Dispersion and Skewness

Chapter 4 : Correlation and Regression Analysis

Chapter 5 : Partial and Multiple Correlation

Chapter 6 : Theoretical Frequency Distribution (Normal, Poisson and Binomal)

Chapter 7 : Method of Least Squares and Curve Fitting

Chapter 8 : sampling Theory (Basic Concepts)

Chapter 9 : Tests of Significance (Based on X2 and F-Tests)