Concrete Technology Concrete Technology

Concrete Technology

This book contains fundamentals of the subject concrete technology such as hydration of cement, cement types, concrete making' materials, workability, hardened properties of concrete, durability, mixed design, chemical and mineral admixtures, special concretes, high performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, non-destructive testing, and waste materials in concrete. The book is the first of its kind incorporating high performance concrete, rheology of concrete, some sophisticated and special techniques in concrete technology, use of waste materials in concrete and geopolymer concrete. It will provide up to date information on the subject and ready reference of the relevant, codal provisions. The book will serve as a textbook at undergraduate level in Civil Engineering in Indian Universities, NITs and IITs. It has been written in a simple and lucid manner, incorporating the recent developments of the subject so that the future engineers are well acquainted with the subject during their undergraduate study.

1. Introduction
2. Hydraulic Cements
3. Aggregates and Water
4. Workability
5. Concrete in Plastic and Early Stage
6. Chemical Admixtures
7. Mineral Admixtures
8. rheology of Concrete
9. Strength
10. Durability
11. Concrete Mix Design
12. High-Performance Concrete
13. Self-Compacting Concrete
14. Fiber Reinforced Concrete
15. Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete
16. Additional Topics in Concrete Technology
17. Waste Materials in Concrete