Contemporary Literary Criticism

There can be nothing more heartening than to see that this book, presenting a number of difficult theoretical essays of eminent scholars, has gone into another edition. The demand for it appears to have been great, partly, perhaps due to the high standards of the essays that the young readers are called upon to study for their degrees, and which need to be explained in easy language. Scholars of high international standing like Edward Said, Terry Eagleton, Raymond Williams, Derrida, Stanley Fish and E.D. Hirsch have changed the course of literary criticism in recent decades, and without a close acquaintance of their ideas and theories it is not possible to understand the changing theoretical scenario. But the first hand reading of their work may not be all that rewarding since the concepts are totally new, revealing fresh stand points expressed in a language that verges on highly technical. It is nice to see that my efforts to present simple interpretation of their ideas have been well-received.