Coolie - A Critical Study

Mulk Raj Anand is one of the three great Indian writers of fiction, writing in English. His Coolie is unique and original in many ways. It has been called an 'epic of misery' and "Odyssey of Munoo, the Coolie". It is one of the classics of Indo-Anglian fiction, and it has received international recognition. It has been translated into a number of Indian and foreign languages. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that this masterpiece of a great son of mother India is now being taught in most of the universities of the country.

There is no dearth of criticism on the novel but, by and large, full justice has not been done to the art of Mulk Raj Anand as exemplified by this great classic. The present work seek to study his art with simplicity and clarity, and all complexity and intricacy have been painstakingly avoided.

The emphasis throughout has been on clarification and evaluation. To facilitate further the task of the examines, often hard pressed for time, the relevant critical material has been presented in a lucid and simple manner. While the treatment is comprehensive and elaborate it in no way precludes a study of the original text which is essential for a proper and genuine understanding.

Long quotations have been eschewed as far as possible. Textual problems have been fully dealt with in the light of the questions generally set by various universities. A list of books consulted and drawn upon is appended at the end. It should serve as a guide to further reading.