Database Management System Database Management System

Database Management System

Have you ever given any thought to a number of questions like, how actually the TV channels present the reports about the rice production for a decade or two, how do they make analysis & reports on the budget of current years? The answer is – "database and database management system." Due to the increasing use of databases as a corporate resource & growth of information technology in last two decades, all the organizations have come to realize the importance of speedy access & reliable data for correct decision making. The data are primarily the known facts that can be stored and have intrinsic meaning. "A dictionary is a store of a huge amount of information, which is in an organized form.

This book explores key concepts for data base management systems.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to DBMS

Chapter 2 : Entity Relationship Model

Chapter 3 : Relational Data Model and Language

Chapter 4 : SQL (Structured Query Language)

Chapter 5 : PL/SQL and Sub Programs

Chapter 6 : Database Design and Normalization

Chapter 7 : Transactions Processing Concepts

Chapter 8 : Concurrency Control Technique