Dictionary of Research Concepts

Aspiring researchers often find technical terms and research terminology confusing, this book makes key terms and concepts easy to follow. A must read for Honors students and Masters candidates.

by Dan Remenyi

A - A posteriori to Axiom

B - Basic research to Bloggers code of conduct

C - Case history to Cum Laude

D - Data to duty of care

E - EDAMBA to Eyeballing the data

F - Face validity to Fuzzy logic

G - Gatekeeper to Guess

H - Hard data to Hypothetico-deductive research

I - Ibid to ISSN

J - Journal

K - Key informant to Knowledgeable informant

L - Leading question to Longitudinal research

M - Mail questionnaires to Mushroom picking research

N - Narrative to NVIVO

O - Obfuscate to Oxymoron

P - Page layout and font sizes to Puzzle solving

Q - Qual to Questionnaire protocol

R - Radical to Risk assessment

S - Sample to Syntax

T - Tabula rasa to Tutor

U - Uncertainty to Useable returned questionnaire

V - Valid argument to Vulnerable participants

W - Warranted assertions to Writing style

X, Y, Z - X-axis to Z-Score