Digital Fundamentals and Applications

The book Digital Fundamentals and Applications has been written by utilizing the long experience of the authors in teaching profession. This book is divided into thirteen chapters. Each chapter begins with the introduction and ends with review questions. Clear diagrams and different graded examples have been provided for all the topics and simple language has been used throughout the book to facilitate understanding of the concept and enable the readers to design digital circuits efficiently.

1. Fundamental Concepts and Logic Gates
2. Boolean Algebra
3. Number Systems and Codes
4. Combinational Logic Design
5. Function of Combinational Logic Circuits
6. Flip-Flop
7. Counters
8. Shift Registers
9. Finite State Machines
10. Operational Amplifiers
11. D/A and A/D Conversion
12. Programmable Logic Devices and Memory
13. Logic Families