Digital Image Processing Digital Image Processing

Digital Image Processing

The book 'Digital Image Processing' fulfills all the fundamentals of Digital Image Processing in an easy way. There has been an honest attempt to explain all the best and recent ideas of Electronics and Communication and Computer Engineering.

The salient features of this book are:
1. Very easy explanation of difficult areas of Image Processing.
2. Each topic has been discussed with the help of practical examples.
3. Very less mathematical analysis that will help the students with less mathematical background.
4. Object recognition is one of the most advanced fields of Image processing that has been covered broadly in very easy language.
5. Data Compression techniques are discussed in very simple and easy language.
6. Very easy explanation of 'Morphological Image Processing'.

1. Introduction & Fundamentals
2. Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain
3. Image Enhancement in Frequency Domain
4. Image Restoration
5. Color Image Processing
6. Image Compression
7. Morphological Image Processing
8. Image Registration
9. Feature Extreaction and Image Segmentation
10. Object Representation and Description
11. Pattern/Object Recognition