Discrete Mathematical Structures

Discrete Mathematics is one of the most rapidly growing areas of modern mathematics which has a wide variety of applications in science, engineering and commerce. This subject provides fundamental mathematical background needed in computer education, and all major universities around the globe have recommended one or more courses on this subject in their computer science curriculum.

DISCRETE MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURES (Fourth edition) is intended to cover some introductory topics in Discrete Mathematics

The book is designed as a self-contained, comprehensive study material. Each topic is treated in systematic and logical manner. A large number of fully worked-out Examples and graded Exercises with answers form an integral part of the text.

  1. Set Theory
  2. Mathematical Logic-I
  3. Mathematical Logic-II
  4. Mathematical Induction, and Recursive Defifinitions
  5. Relations and Functions
  6. Relations II
  7. Groups
  8. Coding Theory
  9. Rings
  10. Syllabus
  11. Index