Discrete Mathematics and Structures Discrete Mathematics and Structures

Discrete Mathematics and Structures

The sixth edition of the book 'Discrete Mathematics and Structures' is an outcome of author's continuous discussions with his colleagues and students. Unlike other books, this book helps the reader to develop mathematical maturity and understand the basic concepts of Discrete Mathematics and Structures. Extensive in its coverage, each new concept is gently introduced and then reinforced by a lot of solved examples. Questions from various examinations have been incorporated to enable the students to understand the latest trends in paper-setting.

1. Sets
2. Principles of Inclusion and Exclusion
3. Mathematical Induction
4. Relations
5. Functions
6. Algorithms
7. Graphs
8. Trees
9. Propositional Calculus
10. Probability Theory
11. Counting Techniques
12. Sequences and Series
13. Recurrence Relations and Generating Functions
14. Algebraic Structures
15. Posets and Lattices
16. Boolean Algebra
17. Finite Automata and Languages