Ecological Meltdown

The economic recession is considered the worst nightmare that has hit humanity and ruined some of the most indestructible companies of the world. Now we are on the threshold of a graver catastrophe, the ecological meltdown, footsteps of which are getting louder with every passing day. The difference between the current recession, and the one mentioned in the book is that there are ways and means to recover from a financial crisis. However, the picture that emerges from the exhaustive analysis of international data drawn from the most reliable sources clearly indicates that we have reached a point of no return: humanity has gained access to the gateway of extinction where the other biological species will disappear first, followed by humans.

This book is a wake-up call and has been written keeping in view the impending ecological collapse due to the expanding human population, reduced funding support and the impact of wars and
civil disorders, as well as the recent economic crisis. It analyses the changes in global scenario during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and how the humans have, for their personal survival and growth, set aside the scientific principles, disregarding the carrying capacity of other living forms on this earth.

  1. Beyond Limits
  2. The Fast Breeding Machines
  3. One Earth, Many Worlds
  4. Time for Energy Transition
  5. The (Un) Protected Areas
  6. Victims of Human Hunger
  7. Treating Deep Wounds – Is First Aid Enough?
  8. The Relevance of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
  9. Revisiting Sustainable Development