Edward the Second

Edward the Second is admittedly the first great historical play in English. It is, in the main, true to history though in certain ways the truth of history has been violated in it. It has a well-organized and well-constructed plot. It possesses a sustained dramatic quality. The characters in it have really been made to live before us; and even the so-called transformations in the characters of Queen Isabella and the Younger Mortimer are not as improbable as they have been thought to be. The plot moves swiftly to its catastrophe which evokes a profound emotional response from us. The absence of any real love-interest in it does not diminish the play's appeal or its power to hold our attention throughout. What more do we expect from a play ?

This critical study of Marlowe's historical play is designed to meet the examination needs of advanced students of English literature. No aspect of the play has been left untouched; and all the important questions with their complete answers have been included in the book.