Elements of Optical Communication and Optoelectronics

Due to tremendous increase in bandwidth capability brings a convergence of voice, video and data over a single fiber-optic channel. An all optical network will be part of a complex combination of networks including wireless and wireline technologies developed throughout the world. The number and complexity of fiber optic devices and systems has increased dramatically, and the skills and knowledge required to work on these systems has expanded as well. The book is divided into eight chapters.

Chapter 1 gives background on fiber optics.
Chapter 2 discusses the fiber optic concepts.
Chapter 3 introduces about optical fibers and cables.
Chapter 4 deals with optical splices, connectors and couplers.
Chapter 5 discusses fiber optic measurement techniques.
Chapter 6 gives optical sources and fiber optic transmitters.
Chapter 7 introduces optical detectors and fiber optic receivers.
Chapter 8 introduces fiber optic links.