Energy Audit Energy Audit

Energy Audit

In a thermal power plant based on fossil fuels (coal/natural gas/oil), the cost of fuel contributes about 55%–65% of the cost of generation of electricity (that is, cost/kWh). Fossil fuels are becoming scarcer, leading to the consequent increase in the cost of fuel. This situation is being faced by both developing and developed countries. Thus, utility companies/ electricity generators are always under pressure to contain the cost of generation of electricity, and every penny containment or escalation is necessary to remain competitive with other utility companies, and also to avoid criticism of end-users, social groups, and electricity regulators.

Electricity generation efficiency improvement and conservation of energy used for generating equipment and auxiliaries of a power plant are critical steps, which power station operation and maintenance professionals carry out to contain the situation. This involves systematic audit of all energy consuming equipment and systems, and identification of focus areas. This exercise also brings out the financial benefits and emission reductions that the power plant can achieve through improving operating parameters and modifications/changes in some of the equipment.

Energy Audit: Thermal Power, Combined Cycle, and Cogeneration Plants brings out the methodology for energy audits and the analysis of data for identifying energy efficiency improvement exercises. This book provides a quick review of the design concepts of thermal power generation and cogeneration plants, and then expounds the methodology for data collection and its analysis/interpretation as per ASME PTC codes.

This book is meant to act as a guide to operation and maintenance engineers and professionals working in energy efficiency improvement of thermal power and cogeneration plants.

1. Energy Conservation in the Operation of Thermal Power Plants

2. Design Concepts of Steam Cycle Power Plants

3. Design Concepts of Cogeneration Plants

4. Design Concepts of Combined Cycle Power Plants

5. Perspectives of Energy Audits

6. Energy Audit of Boilers and their Auxiliaries

7. Energy Audit of Steam Turbine Generators and their Auxiliaries

8. Techno-economic Analysis of Energy Audit Results

9. Energy Audit of Plant Auxiliaries

10. Energy Audit of Steam Turbine-based Cogeneration Plants

11. Gas Turbine-based Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Plants