Engineering & Managerial Economics Engineering & Managerial Economics

Engineering & Managerial Economics

In the past, engineers had a fairly narrow focus, primarily concerning technical aspects of the task at hand and the computational aspects of engineering economics. This is no longer true as Engineers today have a greater responsibility to look beyond this narrow focus and to be strategic decision makers. This book explores the practical application of Engineering & Managerial Economics.

Review questions and answers are provided at the end of the each chapter to solidify the readers understanding of the subject matter discussed.

Chapter-1 Nature & Scope of Economics

Chapter-2 Demand & Demand Analysis

Chapter-3 Meaning and Method of Demand Forecasting

Chapter-4 Production Function

Chapter-5 Overview of Cost

Chapter-6 Market Structure

Chapter-7 National Income and Measurement

Chapter-8 Inflation & Deflation

Chapter-9 Phases of Business Cycles